The Band

The 2 tone project

Lex – Vocals

I can’t date when I started singing but I began learning instruments at age 11.
I’ve performed in various musical projects for around 15 years and have practised music technology for around 10 years. In 2021 I graduated with a first-class BA in popular music at Bradford College and have since broken into theatre work as a sound technician.
I’m fresh on the Ska scene.

Steve – Lead Guitar

“I’ve played in loads of bands, and now I’m playing in this one!”

Godwin – Keyboard

Born in Malta I started playing the accordion at the age of six.Having a father who played saxophone and having his own band helped me get the experience I needed to improve my musical career.Having played with lots of bands in Malta mostly in hotels backing acts and singers I eventually decided to come to England where I did mostly solo work backing singers on open mic nights . Lately I started wanting to join a band again and when 2 Tone PROJECT contacted me I went straight to YouTube to get an idea of the band and wow when I heard them I said that’s the band I want to be part of.As I have just joined the band I am in the process of learning and jelling with the band but with such a friendly and fantastic musicians I already feel one of them.

Col – Drums

1974 first song I learned Mama We”re All Crazee Now
1975 first song played to live guitar Far Far Away 1978 First gigging band Stratos Rock n Roll 1982 Late Nite Extra Pop, Soft Rock, Electronic. 1985 FAMILLY !!!!! 2008 Back at it ! Rick and The Rivieras Rockabilly, Blues 2015 Automatic is Easy Alternative Rock, Punk 2017 Little Britain Ska, Indy, Britpop, Punk, New Wave. 2021 The 2 Tone Project……..
Favs ….. Songs Nite Klub, Monkeyman, Lip up Fatty, Strangetown, That’s Entertainment Albums I’m the Man Joe Jackson Setting Sons The Jam Slade in Flame Slade One Step Beyond Madness The Specials The Specials Just Cant Stop It The Beat
Kits played Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, Beverley, DW. Current Kit DW Performance Series 6 piece racked. Pearl Firecracker and Rototom side drums, Dream Bliss and Zildjian A Class bin lids
I’m Blessed to be playing music that is the sound track of my youth, just a shame the kit stops me getting up and dancing to it. Though many would testify that’s a GOOD thing lol

Rich – Trumpet

“Richard has been playing since he was 12. He only started learning to get out of a double maths lesson!

He quickly moved into playing in Concert bands which along with the usual park band stands/concert hall type gigs he also did the Working Mens club circuit. Often being asked to stop playing mid song so a round of bingo could be played or a meat raffle could be drawn.

He’s been playing with a local Soul band for 25 years and joined the 2Tone Project in November 2021. Having grown up with 2Tone it’s been something he has wanted to play for years and somewhere under that beard he will be smiling on stage.

In what is left of his spare time he is a member of a local drama group, enjoys craft ales(don’t hold that against him) and a decent curry.”

Daz – Trombone

In a similar vein to Rich, Daz started playing trombone at 12 in order to go to a Christmas party. His All Boys school held a joint band party with the All Girls school. By 16 began to show promise but, due to postal a mix up instead of going to Royal Northern College of Music he joined the Army. He served 12 years as a musician taking part in some amazing musical performances. Claim to fame – he dropped his trombone in front of the Queen and did a gig with Vera Lynn.
Following some injections whilst serving in the 1st Gulf War Daz’s health took a bit of a nose dive and now suffers from nerve problems which is why he has all the scaffolding on his trom and spends the night sitting down.

Daz plays in various bands including Soul, Big Band and Trombone quartets.

Fave food: Vanilla slice
Fave thing: The wife!

Dave – SAX


Dave started in music aged 12, when his Grans next door neighbour gave him a Trumpet, not a Saxophone!
At 15 dave joined the Army and served throughout Europe with Military Bands, playing at various functions and also further afield in The Falklands and Canada.
It was an incident that happened in the Band when one of the sax players was locked up by the Bandmaster and he asked Dave to step in and learn to play the Sax, the rest, as they say, is history.
Dave has played in various 7 piece bands and currently, helps run a swing band in Wakefield. But it was the love of Ska that brought him to The 2 Tone Project and he has been there since its inception.

Forsyth – Bass

I have played in a number of bands over the years across a variety of genres, but ska and reggae have always held a special place in my heart.
I love the energy, the groove, the need to move.
I like to shake the ground with a big bass sound.
I give it licks, a rhythmic spanking.
So rude boys and rude girls can get to skanking.

It is a real privilege to get to play music I love with such a high standard of musicians.

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