Balancos , YSA National Rally

On our way to Bridilington we were contacted by a venue in Manchester offering us a gig that night. Obviously we had to turn them down.

We arrived in Brid with virtually no where to park, and eventually managed to rope in some regulars to help ferry the kit into the bar whilst double parked.

Off to town for some fish and chips and back to set up.

It was standing room only but the stage area was pretty roomy for a pub.

The couple of new numbers added to our new set including Pressure drop and Baggy Trousers went down a storm, so much so that we had to play Baggy Trousers as an encore again.

The staff were fantastic and looked after us really well. The audience were top notch and what dance floor that there was, was full all night long.

Quite a long second set meant that we played on a good deal after our finish time, but if people are enjoying themselves and we are not going to get the landlord in trouble we are happy to entertain.

We are booked in next year, but watch this space as we may have an appearance in the summer too.

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